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Top paid games Show all. NBA 2K19 Rated 2 out of 5 stars. Grand Theft Auto V Rated 4. Minecraft Rated 4. Fallout 76 Standard Edition Rated 2. Borderlands: The Handsome Collection Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

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Gang Beasts Rated 4 out of 5 stars. World War Z Rated 4.

Black Friday 12222 | GAME

Dead by Daylight: Special Edition Rated 3. Best rated games Show all. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Rated 5 out of 5 stars. Disneyland Adventures Rated 4. The Wolf Among Us Rated 4. Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Rated 4. Batman: Return to Arkham Rated 5 out of 5 stars. Metro Redux Bundle Rated 4. Castle Crashers Remastered Rated 4. DOOM Rated 4. War Thunder Rated 4. Freebies 2 Top Tech 2.

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Shop Now. Origin Access Basic 7-Day Trial. Buy from Origin. Buy from Walmart. Buy from Fanatical. With visuals and a soundtrack inspired by s animation and gameplay inspired by the platformers of the 80s, this game has had us torn since we first tried it. It's lovely to look at but its gameplay is challenging and you're going to find yourself frustrated It's an indie experience that shouldn't be missed and you'll only find it on Xbox and PC. Dark Souls is an iconic series in the gaming world and with this remaster you have the chance to go back to where it all started in — only this time with improved visual fidelity and performance, all the better to see those horrific and punishing enemies.

This is the same original game with all of its DLC but that's no bad thing. Dark Souls is a fantastic, must-play title and it's great to see it on the latest generation of consoles. The frame rate bump to 60 fps makes it a much smoother and more exhilarating gameplay experience, and well worth a mention in our best games for Xbox One list.

Check out how Spelunky, Dark Souls and Isaac made death matter again. Following the surprise hit Dishonored wasn't going to be an easy task, but Dishonored 2 has more than lived up to its expectations, earning a place on our best Xbox One games list. Picking up 15 years after the events of the original, Dishonored 2 takes players back to the Victorian Steampunk city of Dunwall. This time, though, you have the choice of whether or not you want to play as the original title's protagonist Corvo, or his equally-skilled protegee Emily.

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Anyone who likes their games filled with atmosphere, character, and a bit of wit and intelligence will find Dishonored 2 worth picking up. You can read our Dishonored 2 review right here. Take our word for it: DOOM is very, very good.

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It's genuinely a great shooter — so much so that we gave it a Game of the Year award in It has devilish, frightening creatures that bleed when you slice them in half with a chainsaw. We are also very excited to see what id Software have in store for us with sequel Doom Eternal. Inquisition is the proverbial RPG banquet — a hour array of quests, magic-infused scraps, postcard landscapes and well-written character interactions that's perhaps a bit too familiar, at times, but makes up for it with sheer generosity. It puts you in charge not just of a four-man party of adventurers, but also a private army with its own castle and attendant strategic meta-game, tasked with defeating a mysterious demon menace.

The choice of Unreal Engine makes for vast open environments and sexily SFX-laden combat — fortunately, you can pause the latter to issue orders if the onslaught becomes overwhelming.

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It's a genre giant and easily one of the best Xbox One games. We can't wait to see what BioWare has up its sleeve for Dragon Age 4. All things considered, Fallout 4 is one of the best games Bethesda has ever made, and definitely one of the best games currently available on the Xbox One consoles. It ticks all the boxes: a massive, detail-oriented open-world; still-fantastic tenets of looting and shooting; a story filled with intriguing side quests and subplots that feel like they matter; and of course a classic soundtrack that brings it all to life.

In many ways it's the game we've been waiting for since Fallout 3 steered the series away from its top-down role-playing roots. Not only is the world itself wider, but the plot is better, and more digestible, than any of the games before it. There's still a sense of mystery about what's happening, but you no longer have to dig forever and a day through terminals to piece it together. FIFA is, for many console owners, a highly anticipated annual event.

The latest and arguably greatest instalment in the football sim series has arrived in the form of FIFA 19, and it's straight into our list of the best Xbox One games.

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Whether you're looking to play against others online, build up a management career on your own or play a cinematic story mode that'll give you an insight into the dramatic life of a premier league footballer, FIFA has a game mode just for you. The best thing is, there's always more than enough to throw yourself into and agonize over until the next game rolls around with further incremental improvements to convince you to upgrade.

You can read our full review of FIFA 19 right here and make sure you're the best on the pitch using our tips and tricks guide. Fortnite Battle Royale has had a meteoric rise since its release in , and it's not hard to see why. The free-to-play battle royale Xbox One game offers players an energetic and enjoyable online multiplayer experience , with a concept that pretty simple to get to grips with: just be the last person standing.

Constant content updates keep Fortnite feeling fresh over a year since its launch so it easily gets a place on the best Xbox One games list. You can check out our definitive Fortnite Battle Royale review here. While the original Forza titles were about pristine driving skills around perfectly kept tracks, the Horizon series has a penchant for trading paint and isn't afraid to have you get down and dirty with off-road races from time to time. Forza Horizon 4, the latest game in the series, carries that tradition forward by taking us to the rolling hills of the English countryside and spoiling us with some of the most exotic cars on the planet.

Like any good open-world game, it rewards exploration and offers both a structured campaign mode and plenty of distractions around the campaign. And the new setting feels like something of a love letter from Playground Games to rural Britain; charming, idyllic and made for cross-country road trips.

Don't miss our full Forza Horizon 4 review. Despite a new platform, a new development team and a new-ish set of muscled heroes on its box art, Gears of War 4 isn't some grand reimagining of the series that helped Xbox go supernova back in But then again, such a revelation shouldn't come as a shock — this is the cover shooter that made cover shooters a fad-filled genre all unto itself, so messing too drastically with that special sauce was never a viable option.

Instead, the Xbox One consoles get the Gears of War template we all know and love with a few extra features gently stirred into the pot. It's more than just great graphis.

It's the return to form for the franchise; the focus on what makes a Gears game so great, that really won us over and got this title on our list of the best games for the Xbox One. We can't help but wonder if The Coalition will be able to top this with Gears 5. Not only is it one of the best sandbox games on the Xbox One platform, GTA V is also the best golf game, the best tennis sim, the undisputed virtual yoga champ, one of the best racers We're used to scale and scope from Grand Theft Auto, but what Trevor, Franklin, and Michael bring us is a staggeringly well-realised city seen from three entirely different perspectives.

Trevor, the maniacal rampage killer whom we discover to be in all of us when we play a Rockstar game; Franklin, the classic rags-to-riches character with street smarts and the ability to pull off a bandana; and Michael, the troubled criminal with a dysfunctional family and a beer gut to show for his life of violence.

However you play GTA V — a multiplayer muckabout, a story-driven third-person actioner, a flight sim — it reveals itself to be the best game on both this generation and the last. One of the very best Xbox One games.

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A franchise that has defined Xbox as a platform for a long time is of course Halo, and Halo 5: Guardians is a worthy addition to the series and our list of the best Xbox One games. With both a single-player campaign and the usual thrilling multiplayer combat, this is the Halo game for Xbox One you don't want to miss. Though its single-player campaign isn't the best in the franchise in terms of story, this is Halo multiplayer combat at its most fun, and anyone that loves playing online with friends will enjoy what the various modes have to offer.

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice is developer Ninja Theory's first attempt at publishing its own game and it's quite an achievement. The game follows Senua, a Celtic warrior suffering from psychosis who travels to Hell to rescue her lost lover. The game uses an interesting mix of binaural audio and innovative visual techniques to communicate Senua's experience with her psychosis to the player, resulting in a game that's likely to be quite different from anything else you've played recently.

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