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Scroll down to see the coupons. All the coupons on this page are FREE for your personal use. Not sure what to do once you print your coupons? These coupons are part of the nail care addict gift basket.

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Check out the link for ideas on how to put together a complete nail grooming gift kit. This coupon is part of the sports gift baskets. It's great cheap homemade gift idea if you know how to give a massage. Combine it with a bottle of wine, scented candles, massage oil and a relaxing music collection and you'll have the perfect gift for your significant other. This babysitting coupon is part of the movie gift basket and the recharge gift basket for the worn out mom.

It's the perfect gift to give any parent as long as you get along with kids Put together a complete coupon book by printing multiple copies of this coupon and your recipient will be forever grateful. These coupons are part of the recharge gift basket for the worn-out mom and speaking from experience, they will make any mother VERY happy. Especially if accompanied by the gift basket click on the above link for more details! Back to recharge gift basket for mom page. HL 15 day production time 1.

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Coupons for Kids: The EFFECTIVE & Free Classroom Management Strategy

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Clip-on Products. Wedding Accessories. Hand Sanitizers. Insulated Products. Wood Specialties-Custom Made. Hanging Products. Jar Openers. Eyeglasses - Safety. Just buy a few things, and then do one of two things or both : 1. Ask the kids what types of trinkets they would like to see in there trust me Have that as a volunteer job for parents who want to help but who work full-time.

It's on my list of volunteer jobs that I send home and have out at Open House. I almost always have a parent s who would buy things from Oriental Trading when their child tells them we're getting low. I'm getting tons from you all. Keep them coming. I have been teaching kindergarten so moving up to 5th is a huge change.

Treasure Chest Pinata 15in x 13in | Party City

This was great because it didn't cost hardly anything and still allowed me to do work during lunch - the kids were quiet. I could also reward several students from the previous week at a time this way. Another thing the kids liked was for me to buy them a soda or other treat from the teacher vending machine. That was a bit more expensive. You could also just buy them an ice cream from the cafeteria.

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For me that's about. Allowing someone first dibs on a classroom job is a great idea. I think I'll use that next year. My students have always loved those little plastic bookmarks that are in animal shapes like a monkey, dolphin, gecko, etc. You can also go to the 88 cent section at Walmart for some fun stuff. My kids always love the slinkys, glow-in-the-dark balls, and sticky hands!

Other things that I add are free promotional-type things like keychains, small rulers, etc. I received a bunch of things like that from our local Army National Guard unit! I also ask Burger King and McDonald's for free kids meal coupons to donate, but I save those for my end-of-the-week rewards!!! Good luck in 5th.

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  5. You'll love it!! I used the need for rewards as an excuse to get a hamburger and french fries I also had friends and family save them for me. These were their favorite "free" prizes "Sit wherever you want during read-aloud time" next to a friend, on the floor, in the teacher's chair, etc.

    I use a lot of what has already been posted. I also get prizes from Party City. They will have little toys pretty cheaply and the kids love them. They also like to earn extra computer time, early recess time, swapping seats for a day, skipping morning work, etc. I also put "used" books in the treasure chest. These are books that may have been donated to me or I have lots of copies of or are just dogged. I also use my bonus points to get "free book" coupons through Scholastic. In first grade i always handed out tickets when they were doing a good job. Then on Friday's we had a raffle and about 6 kids got to pick if they had a good week.

    For 5th I'm trying to decide if I keep the same system or have some that they can try to raffle and then some prizes they need to save up their tickets for? Any ideas on this? They don't know what student I picked until we get back! They also get paid every Friday for doing their jobs. Anyway, they save their money to go "shopping" on Fridays.

    I have the price list at school so I can't remember everything off the top of my head. Hope this helps!!

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